About Puregraft

Puregraft LLC is a San Diego-based leader in the development of fat transfer solutions. Our company's flagship technology, Puregraft, is used around the world to access the regenerative properties of fat tissue for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. As the trusted experts in fat, our mission is to raise the standards for fat transfer by offering clinically validated, state-of-the-art tools that are differentiated by the highest levels of quality and science. 

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Our History

  • 2001

    Puregraft scientists publish breakthrough discovery on the regenerative properties of adipose tissue

  • 2008

    Puregraft filtration technology is developed to improve upon existing fat transfer techniques

  • 2010

    Puregraft enters the US, EU, and Japanese markets

  • 2013

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS) publishes a study validating the effectiveness of Puregraft’s filtration technology

  • 2014

    Aesthetic Surgery Journal (ASJ) publishes long-term fat retention study demonstrating significantly improved results using Puregraft fat