I managed to eat tons of ice cream and not exercise for the months prior to gain some fat!

Ben Stanford

United States

I had the fat injected into the left side of my face in order to correct my hemi facial microsomia.

In my life I have undergone more than 25 surgeries ranging in intensity to reconstruct the left side of my face including creating a new ear on my left side and growing my jaw horizontally and vertically. This was the final procedure and helped to even everything out that couldn’t be done structurally.


What I expected

My expectations were relatively high as I had been through so many procedures in my life that focused on the major adjustments to my face and this was focused on fine tuning and perfecting.

My fears

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to gain enough fat for the procedure as I was practicing yoga everyday and eating a very strict diet which kept me with virtually no body fat.

The solutions

However, I managed to eat tons of ice cream and not exercise for the months prior to the procedure and gained some fat successfully!


Puregraft has had an extremely positive impact on my life and I would recommend it to anyone that is considering the procedure.


Why I Chose Fat Transfer

I really was worried about it turning out with an incorrect shape of my face and not being able to revert it back to the way it was before the procedure. I chose Puregraft because of my doctor's recommendation. He explained the procedure to me and it sounded perfect.


My Results

I am thrilled with the results! My face is as symmetrical as I ever could have hoped for and I am so happy to have had this procedure to finalize that time in my life. With it behind me now I am so grateful to this technology for existing and allowing my doctor to perfect something that was years in the making.