Part of my role is helping other women be more knowledgeable about their choices.

Karen Gibson

United States

I had reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. I’ve gone through several phases of reconstruction of my breast. I used two different types of expanders, and then through my final stage of reconstruction with implants and fat.

What I expected

We knew that I would require multiple stages of fat transfer to get to the final result of a full reconstruction. My doctor was very clear with me on what to expect after each stage so there were no surprises along the way.

My fears

I heard about fat grafting for aesthetic purposes but I hadn’t heard about using fat with an implant for reconstruction until my doctor told me about it.

The solutions

I had full trust in my doctor. She was meticulous about her technique and made sure it was safe.


"There are many techniques, but the use of Puregraft helped me get results that were better than what I originally had before breast cancer!"

Why I Chose Fat Transfer

I wasn’t afraid because I knew aesthetically, breast tissue already has a lot of fat so it was a perfect marriage to get really nice results.

My Results

For me, the results were a beautiful marriage of the implants that I chose and the Puregraft fat. It feels natural and it looks beautiful. Plus, you get the double benefits of getting contour where you take the fat out, so it’s an added ray of sunshine.

It allows me to go forward. Yes the scars are there, but I can now embrace them as a reminder of what I’ve gone through.

When you look good and you see yourself, especially after going through multiple surgeries, and you can honestly say ‘I feel good’, it is so amazingly energizing.

It’s life changing. I really want to share this with other women and let them know that there are amazing solutions out there to let them move forward.