I had been dreaming of this for almost 25 years and the timing was finally right.

Samantha Mills

United States

I had a breast augmentation with fat grafting.

I had been dreaming of this for almost 25 years and the timing was finally right. Once I got into my twenties and realized I stopped growing I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with what I had.


What I expected

My goal was to go from an A cup to a C cup and I wanted the result to be seamless. I wanted to look like they belong to my frame. I wanted cleavage and fullness so I would look good in a dress and a tank top.

My fears

I didn’t want an obvious difference. I wanted them to look natural, like I was born with them and they are a part of me.

The solutions

Puregraft fat transfer is just something to enhance the way you look, not to change you.


I wanted to be discrete about it to avoid the judgements, and I pulled it off.


Why I Chose Fat Transfer

I heard about fat transfer from researching online. My doctor helped me understand the important points and suggested Puregraft to get me the natural results I was looking for. I was very comfortable with the decision because it made complete sense.

I did my research so by the time I was ready to do it, I was more excited than nervous.


My Results

The results are exactly the way I hoped they would be. It’s very subtle result, you would never know. People who see me all the time didn’t even notice.

It makes me happy to look in the mirror and see my hour glass figure. I finally feel balanced.