Is Fat Transfer Safe?

Fat Used To Naturally Improve Breast Size & Shape

San Diego, California, May 20. 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Puregraft LLC announced today the publication, in the peer reviewed Aesthetic Surgery Journal, of an independent clinical study utilizing Puregraft fat grafting to naturally improve breast shape and size. In this prospective study by lead author Professor Marcos Sforza (United Kingdom) and his co-workers, 26 patients underwent fat grafting to the breast, using Puregraft, to correct deformities and asymmetries following breast augmentation surgery. The authors transferred an average of 280 cc of Puregraft processed fat per procedure and measured the percent of fat remaining 1-year after injection using 3-dimensional imaging software. Dr. Sforza and colleagues reported that an average of 72% of implanted fat remained 1-year post-operatively and patients reported a satisfaction rate of “excellent” in 83% of cases. The authors concluded that fat transplanted to the breast utilizing Puregraft processing was both predictable and reproducible.

According to Dr. Sforza, “Our work demonstrates that new technology can now make larger breasts using your own fat in a predictable and efficient way.” Added Dr. Sforza, “fat grafting in breast enlargement surgery is the future and how you treat the fat, in my mind, plays a role in achieving excellent results for patients.” Added Dr. Eric Daniels, Chief Medical Officer of Puregraft, “We believe this data reinforces what we already know–Puregraft offers both patients and physicians a reliable and consistent method for effective fat grafting.”